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Lands and Natural Resources

Wiikwemkoong A’Ki Miinwaa Enoodewziimgak Genwendgik

(Wikwemikong Department of Lands and Natural Resources) is inherently responsible for all matters related to land management, protection of our waters and natural resources of Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve and its territories within the Great Lakes.


The Department of Lands and Natural Resources will facilitate the development and implementation of a comprehensive approach to lands stewardship by working towards a balanced approach between individual and collective community interests.


The Department of Lands and Natural Resources will facilitate the development and implementation of a comprehensive approach to lands stewardship by working towards a balanced approach between individual and collective community interests.


To reclaim our rightful stewardship for the lands, waters, environment and natural resources consistent with the traditional beliefs and practices of the Anishnabek people of Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve.

DLNR Responsibilities

Over the past 5 years, the department has progressed from its initial responsibility of managing Land Registration under the Indian Act to now encompassing:

  • Land Management affairs
  • Preliminary sketches to obtain quotations for legal surveys
  • Assistance with Estate issues
  • Technical assistance with Capital Projects
  • Land use planning
  • Geographic information system
  • Forest management (On-Reserve)
  • N’Swakamok Forestry Corp. (Off-Reserve)
  • Fisheries project
  • Lands Claims (current Islands Claim)
  • Historical data collection
  • Agricultural revitalization (Gardens, Orchard Project)
  • Shoreline management
  • Species at Risk Project
  • Community engagement activities (Whitefish Festival, Maple Syrup Festival, Youth Ice-Netting, Community Hunt)
    *Economic employment opportunities related to the Natural Resources sector (Forest Resource Inventory, Forest Fire Fighting Contract, Fin Clipping contract)

Lands (RLEMP)

The Department manages and administers the land registration system under Indigenous Service Canada’s Regional Land & Environment Program (RLEMP).  Transactions ranging from transfers, allotments, leases, permits and environmental planning for the 54,000 hectare land base of Wiikwemkoong and Point Grondine.

Land Use Planning

Surveying unit that completes Estate surveys as part of an Alternative Surveying Pilot Project between ISC and Natural Resources Canada-Surveyor General Branch.  Initiated in 2015, the project is now being modeled to other First Nations under a limited scope.  The Unit also provide land technical services (Survey Assistance, Geographic Information System, topographic surveys)

Species at Risk

Responsible for the gathering of data, monitoring and managing of federally list Species at Risk. Also, collected for information purposes is the Provincially listed SAR.  Also part of the program is the monitoring of medicinal plants that are known to be found on Wiikwemkoong, Point Grondine and the Islands.

Estates Program

Program in place to provide details on Estate administration to community members via workshops or toolkits.  The program also assists community members with “Creating a Will”, assistance/direction with the appointment of an administrator and execution of a will on behalf of a deceased family member.

New Relationship

Resources Coordinator- Responsible for the development and relationship building between Wiikwemkoong and the Province or Industry as it pertains to Mining, Agriculture, Fisheries or other natural/non-renewable resources.  The program also provides engagement opportunities in traditional harvesting of foods and resources.

Forestry (On Reserve Forest Management)

Monitors forest harvesting activities on Wiikwemkoong and assist community members with issues related to bear concerns.

Forestry (Off Reserve- Crown Land-Sustainable Forest Licence- N’Swakamok Forestry Corp.)

Wiikwemkoong is the managing authority of the overlapping forest licence on the Sudbury Forest on behalf of the 5 First Nations that hold ownership to N’Swakamok Forestry Corporation (Atikameksheng Anishnawbek, Dokis FN, Henvey Inlet FN, Wahnapitae FN and Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory).

Oil and Gas Well Re-abandonment

In collaboration with Indian Oil & Gas Canada, responsible for the re-abandonment of the numerous oil wells on Wiikwemkoong.  To date, 23 oil wells have been re-abandoned to current industry standards to prevent any further leakage to the local environment.

Forest Resource Inventory Program

The program operates as a revenue source department for the Department of Lands & Natural Resources since 2010 and serves clients such as the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.  Forest resource inventory work done for our clients encompasses field calibration plots and photo interpretation of data related to lands within the Area of Undertaking in the Province of Ontario.  Our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) captures, stores, analyzes and distributes spatial forest data to our clients.

Wiikwemkoong Specific Islands Claim

Program assigned to conduct all work required in the negotiations of the Wiikwemkoong 41 Islands Claim with Ontario and Canada. Such work includes assisting in negotiations, providing technical advice to the negotiating table and providing regular community updates to our community members both On-Reserve and Off-Reserve.

Land Law and First Nations Lands Management Act Information

Here is a list of documents that pertain to the Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory Land Law and the First Nation Lands Management Act

DLNR Staff and Contact Numbers:

Lands Director, John Manitowabi                                                705 859-3800 Ext. 206

Lands Admin Assistant, Marilyn Lewis                                      705 859-3800 Ext. 200

Resources Coordinator, Stitch Andrew Manitowabi             705 859-3800 Ext. 205

Oil & Gas,  Patrick Fox                                                                       705-859-3800, Ext 202

Species At Risk Coordinator, Theodore Flamand                   705 859-3772 Ext. 210

Forestry Technician, Tim Cooper                                                   705 859-3772 Ext. 214

FRI Manager, Todd Lewis                                                                  705-859-3772, Ext 213

Survey Technician, Quinton Recollet                                                      705-859-3772, Ext 212

Survey Technician, Glen Toulouse                                                           705-859-3772, Ext 209