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Finance Unit

The Finance Unit is dedicated to providing financial services to the people and programs of Wikwemikong. Finance takes responsibility to establishing and maintaining effective business relations with Wikwemikong Unceded Territory suppliers, clients, and personnel. The finance unit has three departments; Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Payroll.

Accounts Payable: this department is responsible for making sure payable activities are carried out. Accounts Payable also assumes responsibility to establishing and maintaining effective business relations with W.U.T. suppliers, clients, and personnel. This department also ensures the following: all source documents are prepared on authorized and approved forms, the cheque run is completed bi-weekly, direct deposits are completed weekly, prepared bank reconciliations for various cash accounts, completion of monthly and periodic financial

Accounts Receivable: this department has two main focuses; receive all incoming revenues and collecting payments from clients/organizations who use the services of the band. They work with program managers to ensure funding gets to the right departments. The project managers use the funds to operate their programs. The Accounts receivable, also collects payments from clients and organizations who consume band services such as water/sewage, apartment/housing rentals, housing/economic development loans, invoices and or statements are distributed monthly/quarterly basis to inform members of the status of their accounts with the Band and Enaadmaagehjik (W.D.C.)

Payroll: Payroll oversees that current and ongoing activities are proceeding on a timely manner, and a strict deadline. Deals with aspects of payroll duties for Enaadmaagehjik (W.D.C.), Wii ni n’guch tood (L.D.M.), Health Centre, and various W.U.T. Band Programs.

Contact Information

Wikwemikong Finance Office
19A Complex Drive P.O Box 112
Wikwemikong, Ontario P0P 2J0

Phone: (705) 859-3122
Fax: (705) 859-3851

Marcella Shawana
Payroll Manager
Ext 245

Matthew Pheasant
Accounts Receivable Manager
Ext. 243

Gloria Dewing
Accounts Payable Manager
Ext. 306