I.C.T. Department

Information Communication Technology

Overview of Responsibilities

In an overall sense, the IT Department is responsible for providing the infrastructure for automation. It implements the governance for the use of network and operating systems, and it assists the operational units by providing them the functionality they need.

Infrastructure automation -is the process of scripting environments — from installing an operating system, to installing and configuring servers on instances, to configuring how the instances and software communicate with one another, and much more

It’s important to note that although the IT department implements and facilitates the flow of information, it doesn’t create the policy that defines which information is correct or accessible to others.

Three Major IT Functions

Governance refers to the implementation of operational parameters for working units and individuals’ use of IT systems, architecture, and networks. The governance of the master data is based on workflow processes that integrate business rules and subject matter domain expertise. This is part of the conventional IT security as well as the data assurance for which the IT department is also responsible.

Infrastructure refers to the hardware components, the network, the circuitry, and all other equipment necessary to make an IT system function according to the established needs and system “size” of the company.

Functionality is perhaps the most apparent task performed by the IT department. It refers to creating and maintaining operational applications; developing, securing, and storing electronic data that belongs to the organization; and assisting in the use of software and data management to all functional areas of the organization.

Technical Support

Employees are familiar with having to contact the IT department for computer support. The IT department provides this service for all the users who need access to the company’s computer systems. This might entail installing new software or hardware, repairing hardware that has become faulty, training employees in the use of new software, and troubleshooting problems with the system or with an individual’s computer.

Behind the Scenes

We create and maintain so many systems that go unseen. These services, however, are integral to the success of a business. Though they may not be appreciated when business is running smoothly, their importance is greatly recognized when something goes wrong.

Here is some…

  • Weekly Back Ups
  • File Security
  • Surveillance
  • Website Development
  • Anti – Virus Protection
  • Network & Wireless Service
  • Business Application Development and Implementation Service
  • The Maintenance of all servers.
  • VPN Connections

Information Communication Technology (ICT)

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