Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory

Pike & Bass Classic

August 29th, 2020
Pike & Bass Classic

The Pike and Bass Classic began in 2012 and ran for 4 years. After a 5 year hiatus the Pike & Bass Classic will be making it’s return to Manitoulin Island and surrounding area waters on August 29th, 2020.

Thanks to a partnership established with the Wiikwemkoong Anglers Groups and support from sponsors such as; Corbiere Enterprises, Bob’s Smoke Shop, Wellness Nation 420, Sheppard Custom Building and Indigenous Tourism Canada – this year’s event will see guaranteed cash prizes that are sure to make for an exciting weekend of fishing. The virtual format will allow everyone to participate safely, and also promote the live release of fish without having to rush them over to a weigh station.

For more information, contact us at (705) 859-3477 or toll free at 1-888-801-9422, or contact us by email at tourism@wiikwemkoong.ca


August 29th, 2020

6 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Zones – 10, 14 & 13 (up too Ducks Island Region)

2020 WIKWEMIKONG Pike and Bass Classic


  1. This is a virtual live release format and every boat must make every attempt to keep the fish alive. Measurements will be submitted online to either the Wikwemikong Tourism Facebook page, or the Pike & Bass Classic event page, or it can be emailed to wikyangler@gmail.com. You will be provided with a password that must be displayed and/or stated in your video, and the fish must be live released/shown swimming away also (except for salmon/trout mystery fish entries).
  2. Registration is $60, and must be done so by EMT. Send your EMT to wikyangler@gmail.com. A follow up email will be sent by our team to confirm that your registration has been received, and to also obtain information such as the names of the anglers/participants that you have paid for.
  3. Registration is complete when payment is received. You may also send an email to wikyangler@gmail.com, or message Wikwemikong Tourism on Facebook to confirm that your payment has been received.
  4. Pike Category Prizes are determined by combined length and time of weigh in. In the event of a tie the time of submission will be the determining factor. The time at which your video is submitted is considered the time of weigh in. A maximum of 2 pike per day can be registered.
  5. The Bass Category Prizes are determined by longest combined length and time of weigh in. In case of a tie the time of submission will be the determining factor with the earlier submission winning the corresponding prize. The time at which your video is submitted is considered the time of submission. A maximum of 2 bass per person can be registered.
  6. You can measure the length of your fish using a standard measuring tape. It must clearly show the length of your fish in the video to determine the legitimacy of entry. Final decision is at the discretion of the tournament organizers.
  7. Once you have submitted the measurements for your fish they are locked in as your catch for that day. There will be no switching out an entry for another one – i.e. you already caught and registered two bass but catch a bigger one later; you cannot submit that one and have it replace another one you already weighed in; they are locked in as your entrant for that day.
  8. “Stressed Fish” are determined by the Tournament Officials as to their legitimacy as an entrant; however,  “Stressed Fish” can be entered into the mystery fish division provided the participant is a paid entrant and the fish is NOT of the pike or bass species.
  9. Fishing Boundaries are Zone 14- North Channel from Cape Robert to North Shore to the east point of Phillip Edward Island including Collins Inlet. Fishing within McGregor Bay, Fraser Bay, and Baie Fine is permitted. Zone 13 is open for this year’s event as well including South Bay – fisherman may only go out as far as the Duck Islands in this region.
  10. All of Zone 10 lakes are also open for this event. Any in-land lake within this region is permitted.
  11. All boats are required to list all team members to a maximum of 4 per boat.  Only paid participants are allowed on the boat.
  12. Fishing will begin at 6:00 am on Saturday August 29 and end at 9:00 pm on August 29, 2020. There will be a 1-hour grace period following the conclusion of the fishing time period to submit your videos. Results will be posted the following day (Sunday, August 30th).
  13. All anglers must abide by the Ontario Fishing Regulations. All anglers requiring a fishing licence under provincial regulations must provide valid fishing licence.
  14. Any participants breaking any of the Derby rules and/or any applicable Ontario laws will be disqualified and prosecuted under the Criminal Code of Canada for using fraudulent means to acquire prizes.
  15. There is no minimum age for participants, however, all minors must be with a parent or a guardian at all times during the Derby and both must be paid participants.
  16. There will be NO fishing in teams. Although you are permitted to fish in the same boat as friends, relatives, etc. all fish weighed in by an individual must have been caught by that individual. Any participants who are caught doing this will be disqualified.
  17. Prize Money is as follows: BASS 1st 1500 Prize   2nd $800 3rd $500  PIKE 1st 1500  2nd $800 3rd $500    Mystery Fish 2 x $500
  18. Winners will be announced at the conclusion of the derby and results will be posted on August 30th, 2020. Arrangements will be made on that day to provide the winners with payment.
  19. Any new official rule condition or deletion will be posted online.
  20. You are responsible for your safety and actions, at all times before, during and after the Derby.
  21. Each entrant, upon registration to compete in the Derby, agrees that he will not hold the Sponsors or Hosts liable for any kind of accident that might occur during this Derby. Photographs taken during or after the Derby become the property of the Wikwemikong Development Commission and may be used without compensation or permission.
  22. All rules are subject to interpretation by the Wikwemikong Development Commission.
  23. By entering the Derby, all participants declare an understanding of all Derby rules and agree to abide by them.
  24. TO CANCEL: Contact the Wikwemikong Development Commission at (705) 859-3477 or 1-888-801-9422 before August 28th, 2020 at 3pm and your entry fee less $20 will be returned.
  25. All participants must do their utmost to exhibit good sportsmanship conduct at all times during the derby.
  26. All random prizes are final and no cash substitutions or prize exchanges will be allowed.

Mystery Fish Division

  1. Registration for the Mystery Fish division is included with the purchase of your entry of $60.00.
  2. All species (excluding Pike and Bass) are eligible for the Mystery Fish Contest. Mystery Fish are the only fish that are allowed to be “stressed” at the time of weigh in – this is due to certain species (i.e. salmon, lake trout) residing in deep water and barotrauma occurs when being brought up from the depths. Note that Muskellunge are only eligible if they meet the slot size as per fishing zone set out by the MNR guidelines as stated above – killing or keeping of these fish outside of the slot size is illegal, and they cannot be deemed as a Mystery Fish unless the slot size is met.
  3. 2 x $500 Mystery fish prizes will be handed out – one will be determined by weight (single heaviest fish), and the other will be determined by Length (single longest fish) – the same fish cannot be entered for both categories. In the case of a tie the determining factor will be time of weigh in. Derby Officials have the right to determine a fish ineligible if the fish shows obvious signs of trauma from being gill netted or other illegal means.
  4. Fisherman will use their own scales for the single heaviest Fish; we understand that there will be some variance from scale-to-scale, but this is being done to minimize any contact to prevent any potential transmission of the COVID19 virus. The honour system is of utmost importance for this division.
  5. Muskellunge entries for mystery fish must adhere to regulations as set out by the Ministry of Natural Resources and they are as follows:Zone 10 – S-1; must be greater than 122 centimetres, and C-0
    Zone 13 – S – 1; must be greater than 102 cm (40 in.)
    Zone 14 – S – 1; must be greater than 137 cm (54 in.)
  6. Walleye/Sauger entries for mystery fish must adhere to regulations as set out by the Ministry of Natural Resources and they are as follows:
    Zone 10 – S-4 and C-2; not more than 1 greater than 46 cm
    Zone 14 – S – 2 in one day, possession limit of 4; none between 41-56 cm (16.1-22 in.), not more than 1 greater than 56 cm (22 in.)

Kids Division

  1. If you are registering for the youth division, identification will be required in order to determine eligibility.
  2. Youth are only eligible for the youth division prizing. Cash prize of $50 per division available for the top youth in each, plus prizing available for the runners up.