Challenge4Change: Together for Indigenous Languages

To celebrate National Indigenous History Month, Challenge4Change, has launched a pilot program in Ontario to fundraise for the retention and growth of Indigenous Languages and Culture.

Indigenous languages are disappearing at an alarming rate. The number of Elders are declining and so too is the ability to speak their language.

As part of the action-based program, a fun and engaging, free app has been developed that lets you learn simple words and phrases in Anishinaabemowin – once the everyday language of many Indigenous communities in Ontario.

Challenge4Change is part of an ongoing campaign, and will be followed by a school program in March of 2019 to coincide with National Indigenous Languages Month.

Funds raised from this first program will be directed to building Nanaamwin, a full-scale, Anishinaabe language and culture-learning platform, and towards next year’s Challenge4Change campaign which will be a roll-out across Canada.

In the ensuing years, the program will first expand to other Indigenous dialects and then beyond languages to a broader umbrella program that will cover other key inititatives including youth empowerment, economic development, governance, health and wellness, sort of like a “United Way to support Indigenous challenges”.

Call to Action

There are several ways to participate! Please choose at least one of the following:

  • Become a sponsor / donor
  • Create an employee challenge within your organization
  • Challenge your suppliers, stakeholders
  • Pass it on – If we each share this message with at least 5 people, we will generate awareness and participation, key goals of this program!
  • Let us know who to contact if a follow up is needed

Challenge4Change is an outreach program led by Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory and supported by Synergiq Solutions of Toronto.

About Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory

Wiikwemkoong is situated on Odawa Mnis, now known as Manitoulin Island, in Ontario. We are a community of over 7,200 Anishinabek members with about 2,900 living in Wiikwemkoong. The community is led by Ogimaa, or Chief, Duke Peltier.

About Synergiq Solutions

We develop collaborative online platforms, built around a common purpose or set of objectives where success can be measured. Visit

Contact Information

Duke Peltier, Ogimaa
Chief, Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory
W: 705 859 3122 x 254
C: 705 919 3871

Michael Gilbert, CEO, Synergiq Solutions
W: 416 979 3199 x 101
C: 416 617 7799