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Community Services and Infrastructure Committee

Wiikwemkoong Technical Services Advisory Unit


The Wiikwemkoong Technical Services Advisory Unit began operation in 1990. Under the mandate of Chief and Council it is to provide advisory and technical support services to the Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory. From 1990 to 2014 the program has been involved with subdivision developments, water and sewage upgrades, road construction, construction of the new water treatment plants, expanding the existing the wastewater treatment, arena upgrades, maintenance management systems for all band owned infrastructure, asset conditioning reporting of existing community O&M funded assets, updating capital asset inventory and housing inspections.

Technical Services also provides such services as: estimating cost of minor capital projects, plans, specifications, tender contract reviews, maintenance management systems (update or development), developing terms of reference, assist Preliminary Project Approval (PPA) & Effective Project Approval (EPA), document preparation, resource.

Assist WUT in planning, coordinating and implementing minor capital project. Examples of minor capital projects would be electrification (hydro services in rural areas), water/sewer upgrades, road construction, fire protection, housing renovations. These projects would be with a value of $500,000 or less.

Assist WUT in planning, coordinating and implementing major capital project. Examples of minor capital projects would be water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, subdivisions, landfills and building of $500,000 or greater.  Work closely and consult regularly with designated professional engineers, consultants, inspection agencies, INAC, Health Canada, Public Works Canada and other government agencies.

Key Objectives

The main purpose of the program is to provide professional technical advisory services either through in-house or through liaison with other agencies and/or other consultants by providing sound expert advice to make well informed decisions.

Also, to make reference to the updated 20 year Capital Planning Study for future community development improvements as approved by Chief and Council.

Assist WUT every 3 years with the planning, coordinating and physical inspections of on-reserve O&M capital funded assets. The asset condition reporting is used to verify the degree in which O&M of such capital assets is in compliance with the terms and conditions of funding arrangements.

Annual update of WUT capital assets using ICAMS (Integrated Capital Asset Management Systems) in order to generate funding for WUT operations and maintenance (O&M).

Assist WUT with planning, coordinating and implementing of capital projects, such as school additions and school renovations, roof repairs and terms of reference for studies.


Bill Assinewai – 705-859-3122 ext. 251
Velma Manitowabi – 705-859-3122 ext. 252

Wiikwemkoong Public Works Department

Public Works Department

The Wiikwemkoong Public Works program is funded by INAC and the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) to maintain our valuable infrastructure thereby prolonging our investments and ensuring roadways are safe, and that water is clean, safe and available for our community and satellite communities.

  • Road maintenance and repairs; gravel and cold patch application, sanding and plowing
  • Road preparation for surface treatment preparation and gravel resurfacing
  • Road and shoulder grading
  • Ditching
  • Dust control
  • Road signage and maintenance
  • Roadside maintenance; grass and brush cutting, removing road side debris, sidewalk sweeping and snow removal, sanding intersections and walkways.

Deliver potable water to community members who are without water main services.

Water is also provided in the event of funeral services, community events, pool fills etc.

Water and Waste Water Treatment

The water treatment plant provides the community with clean and safe drinking water.

The waste water plant treats waste water through a process to prevent polluting and contaminating water.

  • Burial plot preparation
  • Winter sand for our seniors
  • Drainage pattern improvements
  • Culvert installations and maintenance
  • Extra water delivery ($35 minimum/2000gal)
  • Portable Toilet Rental
  • Program manager
  • 1 administrative assistant
  • 3 equipment operators
  • 4 water delivery operators
  • 1 mechanic
  • 3 roadside maintenance workers
  • 2 transfer station attendants
  • 1 water & waste water supervisor
  • 4 water and waste water operators

Public Works Department Contact 

Public Works Office:  705-859-3122 ext. 230
Garage: 705-859-2366

Wiikwemkoong Recreation and Cultural Center

Wiikwemkoong Fire Department

Wiikwemkoong Housing Department

Rental Property Management