Updates on WUT Services & Local Businesses

“This is an update on Wiikwemkoong’s services in response to COVID-19. Currently, all community programming is postponed, and are scheduled to resume on Monday April 6, 2020. The situation will be closely monitored, and should any changes to this schedule occur, it will be announced immediately.While programming is postponed, be assured that Wiikwemkoong Administration and its services are still operating to meet the needs of our citizens.This page will be updated regularly to ensure our citizens are up to date on our services.

Please Continue to check this page for updates.”

WUT Administration

March 24, 2020 Notice


March 20, 2020

Ontario Works

March 17, 2020 Notice

Mnamaadzawin Fitness Center

March 17, 2020 Notice

Wiikwemkoong Nursing Home

March 19, 2020 Notice

Department of Lands and Natural Resources

March 19, 2020 Notice

Wikwemikong Public Library

March 17, 2020 Notice

Kina Gbezhgomi Child & Family

March 19, 2020 Notice

March 16, 2020 Notice

Ngwaagan Gamig Recovery Centre

March 19, 2020 Notice

Rainbow Ridge

March 14, 2020 Notice

Prevention Services

March 19, 2020 Notice

Andy’s Shell and Groceries