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Housing Authority

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The Wikwemikong Housing is in place to help develop homes for the residents of Wikwemikong. The Wikwemikong Housing Authority (WHA) offers the following programs:

INAC Minor Capital

Renovations – Capital Renovations take care of the minor and major renovations requirements for housing units.

Water and septic service – is available for rural installations. Water and septic is funded by Minor Capital.

Housing Repayment Program

Emergency Repairs – funding is made available for any band members needing assistance with emergency repair to their homes. Repairs such as the heating system, plumbing, health, and safety concerns for their homes. This is own source generated from your re-payment obligations when you are given assistance.

Bank Direct Lender Loans

Ministerial Guarantee or BCR Guarantee – this is available to those who qualify for conventional mortgage or loan through lending process of a licensed financial institution. Projects very in cost; guarantees can also be issues for renovations or purchase of existing units.

Housing Staff Information

Housing Manager,
Russell Pitawanakwat – Ext 269:

Construction Supervisor,
Roger Cooper – Ext 266:

Project Manager,
Eugene Eshkawkogan
– Ext 226

Housing Trainer,
Linda Eshkawkogan – Ext 291

Housing Reception,
Aaron Manitowabi– Ext 267

Housing Filing Clerk,
Christina Kozeyah
– Ext 293